Alister makes collaborative performance, playing with themes of identity. As a Scot who has spent most of his life living outside Scotland, crossing national and class boundaries, his practice is heavily informed by his lived experience.

Most of his current work is made in collaboration with Katherina Radeva, at Two Destination Language.

Creating Performance

Working in a devising process means that there is often no assigned role. Composing text, creating images, identifying music and shaping all these into a performance are rolled together.

Alister’s work began as producer and director with Workhorse Productions, where work attracted attention as “find of the fringe” (Daily Telegraph) and Time Out Critics’ Choice. That work drew on an eclectic range of sources, collaborating with Portuguese and Greek partners to develop exceptional small-scale productions. It was based on existing texts, and a desire to work outside this led Alister to explore source material in scientific research in The Pleasure Project, supported by Arts Council England, cpt and Oval House.

Dramaturgy around this time included a project with Katherina Radeva called Fallen Fruit, and the success of this collaboration led to their continuing work as Two Destination Language. This includes national and international tours of their Total Theatre Award-winning work, community projects and curation.

Sharing Skills

As well as workshops with fellow professionals, Alister has extensive experience teaching on undergraduate courses, across performing arts disciplines.

This includes performance-making intensives, theory courses, approaches to devising, introductory surveys and final project supervision.


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